Anchors Away!!

Here is the 5th installment on how to choose happiness.
Use energy exercises to shift your outlook from sad to happy. I have 20 exercises in my book, “Be Alive in Five” about EFT (emotional freedom technique) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).
Here is an easy exercise from my book:
ANCHORING (NLP exercise)

1. Let’s start with what is called “break state” – to clear your mind and prepare for the anchoring process. Count backwards five numbers starting anywhere (for instance 67, 66, 65, 64, and 63).
2. Think of a time when you felt totally relaxed and confident.Think of something that is the opposite of the problem state, for example, if the problem is fear of speaking to an audience, you could think of yourself talking and laughing with family or friends.
3. While you are remembering this place of relaxed speaking put the thumb and middle finger of either hand together (this is the “anchor”) and hold it there for about 20 seconds while you keep remembering that relaxed state. This anchors the feeling for later use.
Do this two or three times to to create and strengthen your positive anchor.
4. Release the thumb and forefinger after 20 seconds. Repeat step one to end the session. You have now created your anchor.
“Fire off” your anchor any time you are about to go into the fearful speaking situation by placing the same thumb and middle finger together to recreate that relaxed state.
Anchors stay in place for five or six days, so I recommended that you repeat the above process five days or less before an important event.
The use of anchors has truly changed my life and the lives of many others.

Banking your Anchors:
When you are feeling good or happy or content, remember to just put your thumb and middle finger together for 20 seconds! I call this “Banking Anchors” because it is like putting a deposit in your happy bank to use at a later time. There is no limit to the amount of deposits you can put in your happy bank so go ahead – bank those anchors!
You don’t have to feel bad. Remember Happiness is a CHOICE!!!
I hope it was fun and easy to access your inner happiness using these tips.
for these tips and more be sure check out my book, Be Alive in Five at

©Christina Florence – June 2012

Tip # 4: In Pursuit of Happiness, Your Blue Suede Shoes


Pursuit of happiness

Take a walk to clear your head.

Walking is one of the best ways to untangle those confusing and sometimes paralyzing thoughts. Exercise of any kind for at least 20 or 30 minutes releases endorphins, which are like mini happy pills running around in your brain, singing happy songs to you.

Next time you are feeling the blues, put on your blue suede shoes and head out the door in pursuit of happiness!

©Christina Florence – June 2012



Pity Party Anyone?

Pity party anyone? In the last post, we talked about not letting other people’s stuff get to you, but what about your own stuff? I have certainly spent plenty of time letting my own stuff get me down. Haven’t you? We have all moaned and groaned and whined ad nauseum until we see our listener’s eyes glaze over.

What if you decided to allot only so much time to feeling sorry for myself. It ‘s okay to feel bad, whine and vent to someone, but please, give yourself a time limit or you will lose those good friends! I have even made a pact with certain friend that we can be each other’s listener, but at a certain point we have to change the subject; for instance, after 2 days it’s time to move on!!!

How do you handle feeling sorry for yourself? Do you call all your friends and family every time something bad happens to you ? Do you make sure to tell all of your coworkers how crappy your day is going?

The next time you have a pity party,  make it an early night and only invite one friend!

©Christina Florence – June 2012

Don’t Let Other People’s “Stuff” Get You Down.

Here is the third tip of five from my previous posts:

Most of us have to work for a living and most of us work with other people. Have you ever noticed that you go into work some days feeling bright and happy and you come home feeling dark and gloomy? You’ve probably taken on some other person’s emotions.  A good many of us whether we know it or not are like human sponges. . We pick up the frequency of other living things. That can be both good and bad, for obvious reasons.
If you are like me you have at least one person in your life who has to call and detail all the drama in their life. So you listen politely and twenty minutes later you are totally drained of energy. Should you hang up on them? I myself have certainly needed a friend to “download” to.  I would want my friend to hang up on me, so…….

Here are a few tips:

1: Here is one way to stay detached: let your friend talk without agreeing or disagreeing. let the words flow over you like like water on a duck’s back. They just need to vent!

2. If the person asks for advice, calmly remind them of other things that they can do to get out of the funk they are in. Suggest some tools from my previous posts.

Here’s another point: Don’t let your stuff affect other people and get them down. That will be coming up in my next blog post! Until next time, stay compassionate and detached.

©Christina Florence – June 2012

Still in Your PJs at 3 in the Afternoon?

Here’s another tip continued from my previous post on May 10, 2012.

2. You’re sitting in a chair at 3 in the afternoon, still dressed in your pajamas, sans shower, teeth brushed, feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe you are angry at yourself because today you are feeling like a slob. Or maybe you just feel sad or depressed. Don’t lose hope! This is the time to remind yourself that life is full of possibility and you can choose other options. Make a list of some ways to take you out of your funk. Just making a list of options can bring you up!
Here’s mine:

Go for a walk
Take a long hot bath (or shower)
Go for a drive in the country
Call a friend.
Go to a matinee movie
Put on some kick ass music and dance around your house
Go to a kiddie park and swing on a swing.
read a great book
Watch an old, funny film
Now it’s your turn. Go ahead, make your list.
Look for my 3rd installment coming next week.

©Christina Florence – May 2012

Why Me? Am I the Only Unhappy Person in the World?

Maybe you are asking yourself the question, ” Why am I not happy? ” Do you do this often? Asking yourself this question implies that you are supposed to be happy, which is true. Every body’s supposed to be happy, right? However it also implies that happiness just happens, the way a cold might. It comes on fast and can go away just as fast.

I believe happiness doesn’t just happen. It’s a choice. Once you realize that it’s a choice that is yours to make you can take the steps to make yourself happy all the time.

So the question is, “How do you remind yourself to choose to be happy every day?”

Let me give you 5 tips:

1. Chart your feelings. Notice when you are feeling the most ‘down’. Is it in the morning when you wake up, or in the middle of the day? Or is it at night or before you go to sleep?

Now start to notice what brings you ‘up’ during the day. This contrast makes you more aware of what happiness or well being feels like to you, even for a fleeting moment.  Grab on to that good feeling, even if it is just 5 seconds.

This reminds me of when I was little and my mom would drive us down the hill fast! She would yell out a big “wheee!!” as we went down, intensifying the rush. That is one of my  5 second happy feelings and I still use that feeling today.

This is part of a technique used in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

So today I wish you many 5 second moments and I will have another tip for you soon.

©Christina Florence – May 2012

Happiness In Another Dimension

I love the feeling of being happy. I don’t expect it to be an “all the time” thing but I look for it any chance I get. I am always looking for unusual stories. I look for people who are choosing happiness every day. In my latest search on how to achieve happiness, I recently came across an idea that I would like to share.

Scientists now believe that there are multiple dimensions. Some people believe that there are millions of other dimensions and that we have different lives for each decision that we make in these dimensions! In other words, for each decision that we make, there is an alternate universe that is created by the decision that we did not go with. If that is so, then you may be choosing happiness in some or many of those alternate dimensions.

Choosing Happiness In Another DimensionIf you could bridge to these dimensions then you could ask your other selves how to be happy! I have used such a technique, created by The American Monk. It entails imagining yourself in another dimension where you have already gotten those things that bring you happiness and contentment. I will explain more about this in future blogs. You can look for The American Monk on YouTube. He has some interesting videos there on how to achieve happiness.

©Christina Florence – December 2010