Are You Choosing Happiness?

I came up with the idea of this happiness movie 3 years ago. As I worked with my clients, I noticed some clients were naturally happy while others were not. What was it that caused a pair of twins that I worked with, for instance, to have completely different outlooks on life?

One was happy and the other seemed quite miserable. How could this happen? How is it that two children who came from the same mother, at the same time, grew up in the same environment and have such a different emotional makeup? I wanted to find out also how a person that I worked with who grew up in a hut in Africa had decided, against all odds to come to America, learn English and get into a PhD program! She is much happier here than when she was growng up in Africa, but what made her ask the question “Am I happy?” and then make that choice to be happy?

Happiness Movie and Choosing HappinessThese are the kinds of questions that made me want to make a documentary film on the nature of happiness. We are looking for people with amazing stories to interview for our movie, The Chronicles of Happiness. If you have an amazing story about how to achieve happiness, please send an email to Christina.

©Christina Florence РNovember 2010

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