Mirror, Mirror on The Wall…Easy Weight Loss

Here is the second exercise in my series for Easy Weight Loss called “Your Perfect Weight”

A lovely and relaxing one you use just before you drop off to sleep.


1. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes.

2. Imagine a beautiful staircase in front of you. There are ten stairs. Imagine the details; polished wood, cement, or maybe an oriental stair runner. Walk down the stairs while you count backwards from one to ten relaxing more with each step down.

3. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with doors leading to other rooms. Each door has a title over it: Great Wealth, Perfect Weight, etc. Go to the door with the title you want to create for yourself. Open the door and enter the room.

4. The room is comfortable and filled with all the items that make up the thing that you want for yourself. It feels so good to be in this space.

5. At the back of the room you notice a closet. The closet is filled with all the things you will wear when you become the way you want to be. Take out an article of clothing that represents the “New” you. Put on the clothing and walk over to the full-length mirror on the wall next to the closet.

This is a magic mirror. Do you see yourself? If not, find a picture of yourself in your mind or think of a picture of a person who represents what you want to be. Stick that image on the mirror.

6. Now notice the series of dials on the bottom of the mirror. Use these dials to make yourself look exactly the way you want to look. Adjust the “you” in the mirror until it fits your idea of how you want to be. Turn around and step backwards into the mirror. Feel the way it feels to be the new you. Once you have felt what it feels like to be the new you, step back out of the mirror. Easy weight loss!

If you missed the other steps, click here for the first exercise.  For these tips and so much more read my book, “Be Alive in Five.”

©Christina Florence – August 2012

Anchors Away!!

Here is the 5th installment on how to choose happiness.
Use energy exercises to shift your outlook from sad to happy. I have 20 exercises in my book, “Be Alive in Five” about EFT (emotional freedom technique) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).
Here is an easy exercise from my book:
ANCHORING (NLP exercise)

1. Let’s start with what is called “break state” – to clear your mind and prepare for the anchoring process. Count backwards five numbers starting anywhere (for instance 67, 66, 65, 64, and 63).
2. Think of a time when you felt totally relaxed and confident.Think of something that is the opposite of the problem state, for example, if the problem is fear of speaking to an audience, you could think of yourself talking and laughing with family or friends.
3. While you are remembering this place of relaxed speaking put the thumb and middle finger of either hand together (this is the “anchor”) and hold it there for about 20 seconds while you keep remembering that relaxed state. This anchors the feeling for later use.
Do this two or three times to to create and strengthen your positive anchor.
4. Release the thumb and forefinger after 20 seconds. Repeat step one to end the session. You have now created your anchor.
“Fire off” your anchor any time you are about to go into the fearful speaking situation by placing the same thumb and middle finger together to recreate that relaxed state.
Anchors stay in place for five or six days, so I recommended that you repeat the above process five days or less before an important event.
The use of anchors has truly changed my life and the lives of many others.

Banking your Anchors:
When you are feeling good or happy or content, remember to just put your thumb and middle finger together for 20 seconds! I call this “Banking Anchors” because it is like putting a deposit in your happy bank to use at a later time. There is no limit to the amount of deposits you can put in your happy bank so go ahead – bank those anchors!
You don’t have to feel bad. Remember Happiness is a CHOICE!!!
I hope it was fun and easy to access your inner happiness using these tips.
for these tips and more be sure check out my book, Be Alive in Five at Amazon.com.

©Christina Florence – June 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I believe that laughter is the best medicine. Why? Because it feels so good! The act of laughing causes an instantaneous production of hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and other hormones in the body that are associated with feelings of contentment and happiness.

Laughter shakes up your body and uses muscles that you don’t use otherwise. Laughter can even help you lose weight! Laughing changes a bad mood to good instantly because of the increase of serotonin levels in the body. Laughter spreads fast, moving quickly to those around you. Next time you are in a group, watch people’s reactions as funny things are said.  Notice how seeing and hearing someone laugh causes a laugh response, like a ripple in a pond, to the next person and the next, who then continue the passing of the laughter, to the others in the group. For this reason, laughter is extremely important to your emotional and physical health.

Get a bunch of funny books and videos that can make you laugh. Or look at funny pictures or comics. Then laugh as often as you can. I recommend  laughing for at least 30 minutes per day! It’s so important to your health.

I recently found out that there is something called “Laugh Yoga” which is spreading like wildfire in India and now in the U.S. Go to www.laughteryoga.org  to find out more.

©Christina Florence – September 2010

New Year’s Resolutions That Stick – Your Perfect Weight!

This year instead of telling yourself you should, need, have, or must resolve to change something, try one of my quick change exercises.

These are fun, easy exercises taken from my book “The Magic of Zero” and you can take them with you anywhere.

After a holiday season of the Christmas Cookie diet, let’s start with everyone’s favorite topic, weight loss.

The Magic Mirror:
Start by sitting comfortably where you won’t be disturbed, (yes, shut off the cell phone). Close your eyes. Take several deep, complete breaths and picture yourself going down a flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs picture a room with many doors. Each door has a sign above it. Go to the door with the sign that reads “My Perfect Weight”. Go through the door and find yourself in a beautiful room. In this room is a closet. In the closet you will find beautiful clothing that is exactly what you love and in the exact size you want to be. Take an outfit off the hangar and drape it over your arm. Turn around and see your reflection in the full length mirror. What do you see? Do you see your self the way you are? Do you see yourself at all? If you don’t like what you see, no matter, we are about to change it!

Along the bottom edge of this mirror are 4 knobs you can turn and one button that says “Save”. The first knob on your left will sharpen your image. Turn it and see your image become crystal clear. The next knob will make the colors brighter. The one in the middle will control the horizontal. Keep turning it until you see yourself at the size you want, then press the “Save” button.

The next 2 knobs control the background. Create a background the way you want it. Whatever makes you feel thin. Is it walking? Dancing? Eating well? Lets choose “Eating Well”. Turn the 4th knob and a table and chair appears in the background. The table is covered with luscious, vibrantly healthy foods. Vegetables, fish, grains, fruits.

Put on the clothes you have been holding and imagine yourself stepping into your new image in the mirror. Feel how it feels to be this thinner body. Take a seat at the table and begin eating. Savor the goodness of these healthy foods. Take your time. They really taste great. When you are finished eating stand up and go back through the mirror and into the room. Turn around and admire again the beautiful you you have created. Press “Save” one more time. Now leave the room, walk back up the stairs and into your life as the new thinner you.

Visualize yourself in the mirror everyday for 2 weeks. It takes to weeks to create a habit. Some people find that in 2 weeks they begin to associate themselves with eating better and being at the weight that they want. For people who have trouble visualizing a thinner self find a picture of the body you would like and paste a picture of your head on it. Place this picture where you can see it everyday.

For those who want other exercises, please see my book “The Magic of Zero” available at Amazon.

©Christina Florence – January 2008

Welcome to The Magic of Zero!

I have always been fascinated with zero. So empty and so full.

Zero is a place of beginning and a place to end. The perfect place to start yourself on a daily practice of EFT. Practicing EFT every day can work miracles in your life.

For more information about how to use EFT please go to my EFT page.

Here are some of the successes I have had with EFT.

  • Food addictions
  • Money issues
  • Insomnia
  • Phobias
  • Fear and anxiety
  • And much, much, much more.

Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) how bad do you feel about a particular issue.

EFT is the best way to take yourself down to zero!

©Christina Florence – June 2007