Transformation Coaching with Christina Florence

CF-Portrait-8393My dream is to live in a world where fear no longer controls us and we easily achieve our goals.
I feel bad when I see someone who is a straight-A student freeze when it comes to tests, when a talented professional is shaking with fear at the thought of giving  a presentation, or when auditions bring people to tears.
I want you to be able to release those fears, to feel empowered and completely confident in everything you do and say, so I have created a simple 10-minute process that will do just that. It is part of a 60-minute in-depth consultation and goal-setting session, and by the end you will be amazed at the changes in yourself!
So right now, before your next text, speech, presentation, or audition – or any other occasion in which you have to stand up before others – call me at 505-440-4024. We’ll do a short, free consultation to see how I may be of help, and then we’ll schedule your full session!