Happiness In Another Dimension

I love the feeling of being happy. I don’t expect it to be an “all the time” thing but I look for it any chance I get. I am always looking for unusual stories. I look for people who are choosing happiness every day. In my latest search on how to achieve happiness, I recently came across an idea that I would like to share.

Scientists now believe that there are multiple dimensions. Some people believe that there are millions of other dimensions and that we have different lives for each decision that we make in these dimensions! In other words, for each decision that we make, there is an alternate universe that is created by the decision that we did not go with. If that is so, then you may be choosing happiness in some or many of those alternate dimensions.

Choosing Happiness In Another DimensionIf you could bridge to these dimensions then you could ask your other selves how to be happy! I have used such a technique, created by The American Monk. It entails imagining yourself in another dimension where you have already gotten those things that bring you happiness and contentment. I will explain more about this in future blogs. You can look for The American Monk on YouTube. He has some interesting videos there on how to achieve happiness.

©Christina Florence – December 2010

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