How to Achieve Happiness Using My 5-Minute Exercises

Be Alive in Five is the culmination of years of research on the historic journey to answer the question “what is happiness?” Due to its workbook format, it can be used either as a companion to my first book, The Magic of Zero, or as a stand-alone guide to happiness.

In Be Alive in Five, I share personal stories from my own journey to choosing happiness as well as exercises designed to help you achieve happiness. I’ve also included other key information I feel will aid you on your own quest to choosing happiness.

You might be wondering, “What does Be Alive In Five have to do with happiness?” When I started this book I had been thinking a lot about how busy we all are in our everyday lives, and how many people have made to comment to me that they don’t take the time to consider their answer to one simple question “Am I happy?“, let alone actually taking the time to find out how to achieve happiness). As a possible solution to this great lack in our society, I decided to write this book – my very own guide to happiness!

In the happiness video I call Happy Arrows, I explain how a person can achieve happiness. By choosing 5 exercises from the book and doing them for 30 days you can teach yourself to feel better every day. You will find the exercise Happy Arrows in my book Be Alive In Five. This exercise takes only one minute and I just know you’ll be amazed at the impact it will have. You’ll also find several other exercises all designed to help you toward your goal of achieving happiness. I suggest combining multiple exercises to create your very own 5-minute (or less) session. I used this same technique myself, 5 minutes for 30 days, to move through this process and so can you. With this book as your guide and 5 free minutes each day, you’ll make quick progress toward choosing happiness.

I’ve found that when you take yourself off autopilot you find a whole new world of wonders waiting to be discovered. Perhaps the secret to being happy is simply in choosing happiness!

©Christina Florence – June 2010

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