Be Alive In Five



  • How your belief system affects your life.
  • Your thoughts and your current condition ARE absolutely related!
  • You are a powerful manifester who can create anything by changing your belief systems and your MIND.
  • Release all your old behavioral patterns and turn your beliefs over to your own inner Power to manifest only the positive creations that YOU choose.
  • Introduce the two most powerful words – “I CAN” – into your daily life.
  • Why some people keep getting the same results year after year…learn how to avoid making this mistake.
  • How to manifest positive, loving relationships in your life NOW.
  • Use this 5-minute process to change your life in just 30 days!

Be Alive in Five is a practical and easy-to-use system, with a simple one-two approach. First, use the “band-aid effect” in the section pertaining to what you want to change in your life and use the easy-to-learn technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You will see the results right away.

Second, implement the 30-Day system to make your changes permanent! At the end of the book, there’s even an index of exercises designed for specific topics like losing weight, finances, career, and relationships.

The book teaches you how to use daily exercises to achieve lasting change in your life. Meaningful change takes just five minutes-a-day and your confidence builds as you see how quickly things can change for you once you start to use the system!

Plus, the workbook also gives you the option of creating your own five minute-a-day program!


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Be Alive In Five Happiness Be Alive In Five Happiness


Communicate Better with Your Children!

Be Alive in Five for Parents and Kids is a book that helps parents have better relationships with their children, using easy and fun exercises to teach new ways to communicate. The book uses exercises that include EFT and NLP. It is the second book in the Be Alive in Five series. You and your child can start by using the simple EFT techniques daily for better understanding of one another. Then you can go to the exercises and use the unique 5 minute, 30 day system to improve your communication skills! It is a wonderful way to get closer to your kids!

Be Alive In Five For Parents And Kids is now available in two formats!

Order your Kindle copy of Be Alive in Five here: Order your paperback copy of Be Alive in Five here:
Be Alive In Five for Parents and Kids Be Alive In Five for Parents and Kids

What some of our readers have to say…

Happiness Quotes

Christina makes it fun and easy to access your inner happiness. Her exercises are designed to work with the principle: Thought + Feeling = Creation. Read this book and become your authentic, empowered and happy self.”

— Mallory Burnett, JD, MA, Psychotherapist

Happiness Quotes

This is one of the best books ever written on helping people overcome the obstacles in their lives that prevent them from being happy and successful. The exercises are clear and concise and, more than that, they are fun to do! I highly recommend this book if you are looking to make positive changes in your life.”

— Dr. Rudy Watkins, D.O.M.

Happiness Quotes

Christina Florence’s book provides a direct, accessible route to happiness, even during the least expected times. I bought the book and encourage all new team members to utilize the quick and easy exercises that they most resonate with for at least 30 days. A happy team is a more productive team. In Be Alive in Five, Christina makes being happy natural and shows you how to get there.”

— Michael Hice, National PR and Marketing Consultant

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