Mirror, Mirror on The Wall…Easy Weight Loss

Here is the second exercise in my series for Easy Weight Loss called “Your Perfect Weight”

A lovely and relaxing one you use just before you drop off to sleep.


1. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes.

2. Imagine a beautiful staircase in front of you. There are ten stairs. Imagine the details; polished wood, cement, or maybe an oriental stair runner. Walk down the stairs while you count backwards from one to ten relaxing more with each step down.

3. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with doors leading to other rooms. Each door has a title over it: Great Wealth, Perfect Weight, etc. Go to the door with the title you want to create for yourself. Open the door and enter the room.

4. The room is comfortable and filled with all the items that make up the thing that you want for yourself. It feels so good to be in this space.

5. At the back of the room you notice a closet. The closet is filled with all the things you will wear when you become the way you want to be. Take out an article of clothing that represents the “New” you. Put on the clothing and walk over to the full-length mirror on the wall next to the closet.

This is a magic mirror. Do you see yourself? If not, find a picture of yourself in your mind or think of a picture of a person who represents what you want to be. Stick that image on the mirror.

6. Now notice the series of dials on the bottom of the mirror. Use these dials to make yourself look exactly the way you want to look. Adjust the “you” in the mirror until it fits your idea of how you want to be. Turn around and step backwards into the mirror. Feel the way it feels to be the new you. Once you have felt what it feels like to be the new you, step back out of the mirror. Easy weight loss!

If you missed the other steps, click here for the first exercise.  For these tips and so much more read my book, “Be Alive in Five.”

©Christina Florence – August 2012