Pity Party Anyone?

Pity party anyone? In the last post, we talked about not letting other people’s stuff get to you, but what about your own stuff? I have certainly spent plenty of time letting my own stuff get me down. Haven’t you? We have all moaned and groaned and whined ad nauseum until we see our listener’s eyes glaze over.

What if you decided to allot only so much time to feeling sorry for myself. It ‘s okay to feel bad, whine and vent to someone, but please, give yourself a time limit or you will lose those good friends! I have even made a pact with certain friend that we can be each other’s listener, but at a certain point we have to change the subject; for instance, after 2 days it’s time to move on!!!

How do you handle feeling sorry for yourself? Do you call all your friends and family every time something bad happens to you ? Do you make sure to tell all of your coworkers how crappy your day is going?

The next time you have a pity party,  make it an early night and only invite one friend!

©Christina Florence – June 2012