Don’t Let Other People’s “Stuff” Get You Down.

Here is the third tip of five from my previous posts:

Most of us have to work for a living and most of us work with other people. Have you ever noticed that you go into work some days feeling bright and happy and you come home feeling dark and gloomy? You’ve probably taken on some other person’s emotions.  A good many of us whether we know it or not are like human sponges. . We pick up the frequency of other living things. That can be both good and bad, for obvious reasons.
If you are like me you have at least one person in your life who has to call and detail all the drama in their life. So you listen politely and twenty minutes later you are totally drained of energy. Should you hang up on them? I myself have certainly needed a friend to “download” to.  I would want my friend to hang up on me, so…….

Here are a few tips:

1: Here is one way to stay detached: let your friend talk without agreeing or disagreeing. let the words flow over you like like water on a duck’s back. They just need to vent!

2. If the person asks for advice, calmly remind them of other things that they can do to get out of the funk they are in. Suggest some tools from my previous posts.

Here’s another point: Don’t let your stuff affect other people and get them down. That will be coming up in my next blog post! Until next time, stay compassionate and detached.

©Christina Florence – June 2012