Still in Your PJs at 3 in the Afternoon?

Here’s another tip continued from my previous post on May 10, 2012.

2. You’re sitting in a chair at 3 in the afternoon, still dressed in your pajamas, sans shower, teeth brushed, feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe you are angry at yourself because today you are feeling like a slob. Or maybe you just feel sad or depressed. Don’t lose hope! This is the time to remind yourself that life is full of possibility and you can choose other options. Make a list of some ways to take you out of your funk. Just making a list of options can bring you up!
Here’s mine:

Go for a walk
Take a long hot bath (or shower)
Go for a drive in the country
Call a friend.
Go to a matinee movie
Put on some kick ass music and dance around your house
Go to a kiddie park and swing on a swing.
read a great book
Watch an old, funny film
Now it’s your turn. Go ahead, make your list.
Look for my 3rd installment coming next week.

©Christina Florence – May 2012