My Perfect Weight Loss Exercise 2: Let’s Pretend!

Here is the second exercise In my “Your Perfect Weight Loss” series. Read the first exercise here.

Before you do this, it is good spend some time in “pretend” mode. Spend 15 to 30 seconds each day pretending that you are are the weight that you want to be. You know how it feels, you have been there before. Pretending helps you remember the way it feels… go on, do that now. Be a kid again and pretend!

Now try this great weight loss excercise.


  1. Create a close-up image of the current way that you see yourself. Since this will act as a trigger for the new behavior, it should be seen through your own eyes.
  2. Create a distant image for the desired image of yourself. i.e you at your perfect weight. You want to feel yourself move towards this, so the “desired” you should be seen as if it is through an outside observer’s eyes.
  3. Now, “Swish” the two images – rapidly push the current you into the distance, and bring the desired you right up to the to your face. For effect, you can actually make a “swish” sound as the images change places and pop into place Or you can clap your hands loudly when the new you “pops” into place.
  4. Allow the images to settle for a minute in their new places.
  5. Clear the your mind by counting backwards for 5 or 10 numbers or say your phone number backwards. This clears you for the next round.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until any thought of your current body image leads directly to the image of your desired body image.

©Christina Florence – July 2012