The Secret to Your Perfect Weight

For the next five blog posts I will sharing some weight loss tips from my upcoming e-book “Be Alive in Five and Your Perfect Weight”.*

First Tip: Let’s love our bodies first, then change the way we think about food.

People somehow think that “crash” diets are the best way to loose weight. “Crash” is a good word for it, because these diets are usually an anger response! Perhaps you are angry at yourself for being overweight, so, for the duration of the diet, you punish yourself by depriving yourself.

I say: Love your body first, then change the way you think about food!

My friend went on what seemed like a very reasonable diet and stayed really thin for an entire year. When her mother died she got really stressed and  gained back all of those lost pounds and then some.

Here is an exercise from my book “Be Alive In Five.” to help you feel good about yourself:


1. Start by deciding what it is you want to change. For instance, you want to change  the weight you are to the weight that you would like to be. So you are going to talk to you subconscious mind, which I call your Super Computer.

2. Say to yourself, “Super computer, we will now change the program in which my weight is xxx amount.”

3.Think about what you want to change the program to. Talk to your subconscious mind. Say, “Computer create program. My weight is now always at xxx amount”

4. In your mind hit the enter button three times. You are entering the new program.

5. Three or four times a day, say to yourself, “Computer, run program. My weight is XXX.” Snap your fingers to indicate that the program is running.

You can do this for anything that you want to change. Just remember it takes a minimum of 30 days to change a program.

©Christina Florence – July 2012

*still in the works.