My Avaaz story.

My story begins 12 years ago when I was in a deep depression. So sad that I could barely get out of bed. I did not know why I was so depressed, but I was going down fast.

About a year went by like this and I thought I couldn’t take it much longer. My husband had some old Tony Robbins tapes in the closet and by some miracle I found them. Then a friend of mine showed up unexpectedly with a book she wanted me to read about how to get happy. I started listening and reading, slowly, slowly coming out of the dark fog that I was in.

As I began to awake, I realized that I had been my own prisoner and that it was up to me to get out. I realized that I had been missing the richness around me, which consisted of my family, my friends and the beautiful environment in which I lived.  These things were more important than anything I had focused on; job, money, and material things. Those are important, yes, but they are secondary to your happiness.

I began to search for what really made be happy. I searched for my deepest happiness. I started writing everything down that I observed around me and began to see such beautiful things. Things that I had not paid any attention to or noticed before. It was the beginning of a long, amazing journey!

Today I write books and make short little movies on the subject of happiness and what makes people happy. True happiness, does not come from the outside, but wells up from the depths of your being and from your heart.

We are one, and as we all find our “trueness”, we all become part of a collective of happiness that cannot be suppressed!! Find your inner happy child!

©Christina Florence – April 2013