How to Stay Happy in 2013

I have been reading books on happiness and well-being for many years, so I thought it would be good to share some of my favorite ones with all of you.

My first pick is Louis Hay. She was my very first new age book! Back in the eighties, she was a true pioneer in self-healing.
Her first book, You Can Heal Your Life has just been republished. It is still as good as it was the first time I read it. Packed with incredible insights and affirmations, this book is a must read. It follows the tenant that we are each responsible for our own reality and “dis-ease.”

In this book Hay writes about how we make ourselves ill by having thoughts of self-hatred. Included in this book is an exhaustive directory of ailments along with the emotional causes for each disease. There are affirmations to help overcome each illness. For example, the affirmation for MS is “By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a loving joyous world. I am safe and free.”

I highly recommend this book to start your new year. As a happiness coach I like to feed my own soul with books that inspire and motivate me. Louise Hay’s book is one of my inspirations.

©Christina Florence РJanuary 2013